The New Method of Employee Recruitment

I’m old. There – I’ve said it. Maybe if I say it often enough, it will sink in and become reality. Maybe saying it isn’t enough but discovering the changes in the world that technology has created will certainly help to reinforce my advanced age. For instance, I just read that in the U.S., Ernst & Young is changing the way that it recruits for new employees, the ones fresh out of university. Rather than having the traditional business suit-clad recruiter from their firm at a booth at the local job fair, they’re setting up a computer with a televised employee (probably a hired actor!) that speaks from the monitor and asks potential employees to record a videotape about themselves, describing their strengths, weaknesses, etc and generally asking them ‘what they think’. I had to read the article twice to make sure that I had read it correctly – okay, so I had to grab my reading glasses! When I was that age, no one wanted to know what I thought. Okay, so that hasn’t changed. I would have thought bookkeeping skills, spreadsheet manipulation or simply adding might be a good starting point for recruitment at Ernst & Young, but like I said I’m old.


Okay, so maybe I’m being a bit dramatic but do I really want someone that does my taxes or handles my audit to be the same someone that can produce a video and ‘sell’ themselves – I’ve never been a fan of solicitation. The word has a confusing connotation for me, if you know what I mean. I guess that creating a video that does a good job of selling themselves could give a clear indication that the individual has confidence and some technological skills that would be important to any company. It could also mean that they are a con artist – swamp land, anyone? Hopefully as I continue my journey, taking myself out of my comfort zone regularly, I will not be so surprised at the differences that continue to exist. It’s sure not like it used to be in ‘the good ol’ days’!


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