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Starting over again?

young-farmers.jpgThe Snyder School of Higher Learning has re-opened and the retired school marm has come out of retirement. A local rural family relative is homeschooling their three children and I have agreed to help the older two create a blog! The blog will be the equivalent of their ‘blackboard’ (do they still use those?)100-0068_img.jpg and will provide an opportunity to publish their writing. It also gives grandparents, aunts and uncles, etc. an opportunity to see if the kids are really being ‘schooled’. Hopefully this blog will provide fun and education for the students and a peace of mind for the monitoring family members. The kids are trying to accompany their writing with applicable photos and/or artwork. Lots of fun for both teacher and students. I’ve included a photo of my newest students. Please feel free to check out the site: snyderschoolofhigherlearning.blogspot.com


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