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Can’t We Do Better?

Since I am on break from my online agricultural communications course, I must have too much time on my hand because I have been watching quite a bit of television.  Too much obviously because I have become fascinated with a new (at least I think it’s new?) advertisement for a candle, but not just any candle.  No, it’s the “Mandle Candle”.  The first time I heard this ad, I thought I must be watching a Saturday Night Live segment making fun of a hokey advertisement – but I was not.  I was watching a real, live, current-day television commercial.  I wonder whether the makers of the “Mandle Candle” were hard-up for names for this product.  Did the name simply have to rhyme with ‘candle’?  If so, then the name easily could have been “Dandle Candle”, “Randle Candle”, or even “Handle Candle”.  Did the creators of this product simply think that all products would be successful if the name rhymed?  I mean, let’s look at all the examples where the word combinations work – ‘chick flick’, ‘green bean’, ‘cook book’.  In this day and age of technology, higher education and deeper levels of creativity, can’t we do better than this?  I think so.  Maybe I shouldn’t watch so much television.   One thing I know for sure – I won’t be buying a “Mandle Candle” as a result of this “bad ad”. 




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Judgment Day for the Ag. Comm. Student

2232-004-12-1099.gifThe time has now come for my web log to be graded as part of my first class in agricultural communications. Final touches will be made, sleep will be lost and my blood pressure will go up. But the same thing happens during December every year anyway so this is nothing new! Seriously, the blogging experience was quite an enjoyable adventure for me and I am thankful to all of my readers. They have been patient, supportive, humbling and an audience that allows me to practice my writing and provide me with immediate feedback. As well, since I am a member of the Baby Boomer generation (please note that I am one of the younger members of this generation!), the technology that the blog experience has forced me to be a part of has certainly taken me out of my comfort zone – which I’m told is good but I’m not sure about that yet. Comfortable or otherwise, it’s been fun. I’m sure there will be more to come.

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