Annual Meeting Time

The months of January and February are notorious for annual meetings for agricultural organizations. The financials have been audited and it’s time to report the news to the members. Also on the agenda at annual meetings are any governing changes or structure changes. These types of changes usually require approval of members to be made.

One such change would be a name change for the organization. The Egg Farmers of Ontario recently went through the name change process.


The former Ontario Egg Producers are known as Egg Farmers of Ontario because the Board of Directors were told that the consumer viewed a ‘farmer’ as being very trustworthy. I have to laugh at this as I recall that when the Pork Producers changed to their current name, one of the reasons for the change was that the consultant that was hired told them that the word ‘farmer’ evoked an image of an uneducated individual and so the pork industry wanted to remove that image and so became the Pork Producers. I’m a member of the Egg Farmers of Ontario. Should I be insulted or complemented as a result of my membership? I’ll have to ask the highly-paid consultant who led the discussion on this name change – if they think that I can understand the discussion and if I can be trusted to convey the message to others. Please don’t spend my membership dollars on this type of advice. It just leads to spending more of my dollars on changing the letterhead and logo. Spend it on public awareness of our industry.



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