Making the Agriculture Connection with ‘Pizza Perfect’


One of the issues facing agriculture today is the fact that the vast majority of consumers don’t understand agriculture – at all.  Communicating the challenges that farmers face on a daily basis can now be added to ever-growing farmers’ challenges list.  The Grand River Agricultural Society ( is trying to help with the communication with their upcoming ‘Pizza Perfect’ event.  On March 26 and 27, over 800 third graders from Wellington and Waterloo County will arrive at the Grand River Agricultural Society grounds and learn how pizza is made.  They will learn about flour and where it comes from and how it is made.  They will also learn about the sources of sausage, cheese, pizza sauce and then the best part of all – they will get to eat it!  Talk about positive reinforcement!

Live animal sources of the basic pizza products will also be available to see, hear, touch and of course, smell.   A mini-greenhouse will also be on site to demonstrate how tomato plants are grown and how the fruits from the plants are converted into pizza sauce.  Students will visit various learning stations throughout the day.  Each station is manned by experienced volunteers with the ability to provide factual answers to the many questions that only third graders will ask such as “do brown cows give chocolate milk?”

Equipment involved in the production of the pizza products are displayed during the day, donated from local farmers and equipment dealerships.  Planters, combines, milking machines are just a few of the items that the children will have an opportunity to see. 

Pizza Perfect is a cooperative event involving many agricultural organizations and businesses such as Cribit Seeds, Ontario Soybean Growers Association, Ontario Pork Producers, Waterloo and Wellington County Dairy Farmers Association, Canadian Mushroom Growers, DeBoer’s Equipment and Ontario Cattlemen’s Association. 

To find out more about the event, email Dorothy Key at




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