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Update on Oprah and The New Earth

So I’ve been following Eckhart and Oprah and their online discussion of Eckhart Tolle’s newest book, “A New Earth”. I’ve learned many things from this experience. The first thing that I learned was that I didn’t need Post-it Notes to read the book even though Sophie (the Post-it poster child) thinks that I do. Second I learned that there might be something to this spirituality journey that is discussed in this book. Though many of the ideas in the book seemed difficult to apply, the discussion with Oprah and Eckhart helped demonstrate that maybe there’s merit to the ideas presented in the book. Go figure? I learned a great deal about my ego – and I always thought that I was supposed to like my ego. Add that to my list of mistakes made in my first 45 years of life. I’m ready to have the second volume of that list bound and published for my husband’s pleasure. And I must mention the pain body that we all carry around with us and are trying to get rid of. Now don’t confuse my pain body with my body pain that is felt when I practice Oprah’s trainer, Bob Greene’s daily exercise routine. Can you tell that Oprah and I are close – at least in my mind, we are. There’s still two more weeks of online discussion left and Oprah is being called the Anti-Christ and a few other names that I probably shouldn’t write in my blog. Regardless, how can this be all bad – here’s a woman (Oprah) and a man (Eckhart) trying to help others through their online book discussion. And the help that they’re trying may provide purpose to the lives of many. Even if it helps one person, isn’t that good? Even if it’s Sophie, the Post-it Poster Child. One final request – could someone please show Sophie the way out of that book. She keeps saying that she’s lost in the book. Maybe MapQuest?

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