Hoping for more than apple pie at WTO negotiations

I just finished reading the news release (www.agr.gc.ca/cb/index_e.php?s1=n&s2=2008&page=n80520) from Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada, quoting the Honourable Gerry Ritz on the most recent draft proposal for the WTO negotiations. Talk about picking your words carefully! I loved the quote “We will be pressing hard (Italics added by blogger) for an outcome from the Doha Round which is good for all of Canadian agriculture, including both our export oriented and supply managed industries.”

Now what does that mean – ‘pressing hard’? Is that the same as ‘insisting upon’ or ‘won’t sign without’? When I press hard for something in negotiations with Perfect Peter– say a new patio – I nag and badger and know that potentially I may have to walk away with a new potted plant instead of a whole new patio. There may even be side deals that aren’t revealed until way down the road. You know what I mean. For instance “if you make me an apple pie every week during planting season, I’ll consider a new garden bench to go with that planted pot”. Or “if I can golf every weekend in June, there’s a new patio set of furniture in it for you.” Got the picture now? So unless that new potted plant is marijuana (with a high value chain resale potential), the new patio is simply a dream. Does Ritz even like apple pie? Maybe India and China have a good recipe. Time will tell. I’ve only been waiting since 2001.  Talk about making your mouth water!


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