Kellogg’s Mini-Wheats are a Major Rip-off

I’m not the sharpest knife in the drawer but I certainly know when I’m being fed a line of crap. And the crap spreading became clear at my local Zehr’s store yesterday when I went down the cereal aisle to pick up some cereal. So manure spreaders weren’t being sold when you were last at Zehr’s? Well, keep your eyes peeled.

Kellogg’s Mini-Wheats is one of my family’s favourites but I think that cereal prices are ridiculous so I usually steer clear of quick cereal. But daughter Lauren wanted to see if she could find an ‘affordable’ cereal that I would consent to buy. The Kellogg’s Mini-Wheat box boasts 100% whole wheat you know. I don’t know if that is stated to make consumers think it’s more healthy or make them think that Kellogg’s is helping farmers. Lauren checked out the Mini-Wheats first and gleefully ran a box over to me and said “It’s under $4.00 Mom, can I throw them in the cart?” I didn’t believe her – not because she was batting her baby blues at me. Because I know she would say almost anything to get a box of Mini-Wheats in the house. Anyway, I walked over to the Mini-Wheat section of the grocery shelf, looked at the price which had an ‘X’ over it and the original price had been replaced by a new price. I couldn’t believe my eyes. How could any sane Canadian (or any nationality for that matter!) pay THAT price for a box of cereal. Now if the box had been as big as my barn, maybe but the box was only as big as a sheet of paper. I asked one of the staff (a manager – not a bag boy) if this was a sale price and was told no. I was told that this new price is the regular everyday price. My blood began to boil. The original price was $6.29 and the new price was $3.99 for the same price. That’s a 36.5% decrease in the box!! And for no reason other than to change the ‘everyday’ price. How’s that possible? Maybe since the name of the cereal is ‘Mini’, it’s made for smaller grains of wheat, so logically the price would be littler? Come on! I guess folks with ‘mini’ brains would think that was correct. But these are the facts folks – wheat prices have gone up, food shortages are discussed in every form of news format and consumers are advised that higher food prices should be expected. All factors that would indicate that the price of Mini-Wheats should be going up – not down. So who’s yankin’ my chain here? How could the price of a box of cereal possibly be reduced by this much (unless it’s a loss leader weekly sale price) considering all of the evident factors pointing to higher prices? Somebody’s crap-spreading. Zehr’s better be prepared for my next visit – especially if the Mini-Wheats price is back up to $6.29. I will be more than ‘mini’ mad. Perfect Peter better have the bail money ready. My redneck genes are showing. Now I know why my kids won’t grocery shop with me.


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