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Agricorp and Pigeon King

So it’s been a little while since my last post – the summer weather has just been too enticing. But I’m back and I’m on the rampage over the recent Pigeon King International bankruptcy notice. But it’s really not the bankruptcy that has me fired up – it’s my old friend Agricorp and their recent announcement that the losses incurred by the participants in the Pigeon King scheme could be included in their AgriStability application. (Better Farming, July 5/08 –, you read that right – included in their AgriStability application with the ability of recovering that loss just like a pork producer would. But the pork producer incurred a loss on the pigs because the price of pork products doesn’t return a larger amount than the costs to feed the pigs. The same can’t be said for the pigeon producers. There is no market for the pigeons – in fact the pigeons are part of an alleged Ponzi scheme. Don’t get me wrong – I don’t mind the Pigeon King participants getting their money back through Agricorp – as long as I (or any other farmer) can include the loss of the fifteen to twenty marijuana plants that were stolen from my field on my AgriStability application. At least there’s a market for the marijuana – right? And don’t forget its medicinal values. And what about a farmer’s loss on the meth-lab that he’s got set up on the back of the farm property? If it explodes, can the loss of the expected revenue be included on the AgriStability form? So I called Agricorp to find out. Stop shaking your head – I really called them! They’re looking into it and will get back to me. I think that’s the same as saying “the cheque is in the mail”. I’m not holding my breath. When a person calls Agricorp, they hear a recording notifying the caller that the contents of the call are being recorded. I bet there’s been a lot of people at Agricorp listen to that conversation! I’m beginning to think that the only real pigeons in this scheme are the folks at Agricorp. Hope not!


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