Yet Another Cracked Egg




So, as I wait to hear back from Paul Glenney and Geri Kamenz at Farm Products, I have been informed that an       opportunity to be exempted from one of the looming lawsuits/investigations was presented to EFO.  What a happy day!  But wait, the opportunity was not acted upon by the Board of Directors of EFO.  They instead chose to stay in the lawsuit.  Hey Egg Producers!  Did you know this?  The letter to EFO’s lawyer is shown at the bottom of this posting.  Is this yet another autocratic decision?  A decision that is going to be funded by…….. that’s right – Egg Producers!  Don’t the Board of Directors members have a fiduciary obligation to the egg producers of EFO?  Of course they do.  And with decisions like this, they’re neglecting that obligation.  If tolerance to this type of decision – a decision that threatens the egg industry – continues, then maybe it’s time to end supply management?  If you agree that it’s time to take a grassroots action and take control back to the egg producers with full transparency, let the Board of Directors know.  And then let Farm Products know because the Board may not even acknowledge to anyone that they’ve been notified, i.e. there’s no minutes of any of their activity!  So how are the egg producers supposed to know what’s happening?  It’s time for the egg producers to take control of their future.  If they don’t, the levies they pay are bound to go up – to pay for all the legal costs of the lawsuits that the Board chooses to fight – even though the General Manager says these lawsuits aren’t going to cost anything.  I think I need to switch lawyers – to the one that doesn’t charge for their services! The levies are already almost 40 cents/dozen.  That’s approximately $10.00/bird (.40 x 25 dozen marketable eggs/bird).  How high does it have to go before you say, “No more”.  The annual meeting is coming up.  Voice your opinion and make sure that somebody records it!  The EFO staff sure won’t!

March 3, 2011 – Settlement Proposal & Agreement to EFO

Mr. Geoffrey Spurr

Re: Sveda Farms Ltd. V. EFO

I am concerned that the anticipated continued public examination of these issues in the

farm press will undermine the public`s confidence in supply management. Social media

spread this information worldwide even faster. My clients are strong supporters of supply

management. I have worked with the EFO Board of Directors in the past, as well as with

many other supply management Boards. Since I represent farmers aggrieved by decisions

of these Boards I often find myself in disagreement on some issue with the Board making

the decision, however, I have always found the members of these Boards to be respectful,

diligent and honest. I think you would agree that in spite of all our dairy battles, I get

along quite well with individual members of the DFO Board.

The attached draft Mary Carter Agreement between my client and EFO is proposed to

allow the Board of EFO an opportunity to disavow any involvement with the alleged

conduct of its General Manager. It is put forward as an offer to settle under the Rules of

Civil Procedure with EFO only. We are prepared to negotiate. However, time is of the

essence since, if settlement is possible, to save it should be completed before next

Thursday`s motions.

Please review this settlement offer with the Board members of EFO and advise of their


Sincerely yours,

Donald R. Good, P.Ag.


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