Should Egg Producers Seek New EFO Board?

In recent weeks, there’s been a good deal of information in the media about allegations of wrongdoing in the egg industry, including allegations directed at Egg Farmers of Ontario (EFO).  The Board of Directors for EFO continues to state that none of the allegations have been proven in court and that they intend to vigourously defend their position and their employees.  This Board has been selected by egg producers in Ontario and based on the absence of any official action by egg producers that would demonstrate dissatisfaction; the Board can state that egg producers support this Board of Directors.  That’s a good thing.

Especially good since this group of egg producers didn’t question the fact that the financial statement showed an increase of 40% in levy revenue (that means 40% more out of the producer’s pockets).  I wish I was married to this group of egg producers.  If I could ask for an extra 40% to spend on whatever I wanted, I’d certainly never ask for a divorce.  Really gives a new meaning for laying there and loving it.

I don’t think the Board of Directors for EFO could have found a better partner, unless they advertised for one.  Imagine a ‘personal’ ad that could be used to find a partner for the Board that behaves just like the current egg producers.  It might read something like this:

Attractive, intelligent, controlling and physically-fit (self-assessed) Board of Directors seeks long-term relationship with attractive, middle-aged group that will be loyal, ignorant and remain quiet even when having their pockets picked.  In exchange, Board will remain constant, will maintain current attractive physical appearance (once again, self-assessed) and perform any and all acts that the Board deems promotes Board’s self-interest.  No action will be considered outlandish or too extreme. Non-smokers preferred.

The trusting egg producers continued with their loyal devotion at the recent annual general meeting.   The Board was given a free hand to spend whatever they want and increase levies as they see fit.   There was NO budget given for the 2011 operations.  I thought that was one of the primary purposes of the AGM – to approve the actual numbers for last year’s operations and to approve the game plan with accompanying projected expenditures and revenues for 2011.  But egg producers didn’t even question this.  Didn’t really want to know what the game plan is for 2011.  I would think that with the huge capital investment that these egg producers have made into the industry, they would at least want to know what the plan is for 2011.  If I were a betting person, I’d be betting that legal fees are going to go up for 2011 – I’ll even give you odds on that one.  Maybe it’s time to consider divorce – or at least separation.  If a new personal ad is required for EFO or the Board, I would be happy to provide one.



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