Looking For Simple Answer to Simple Question

I’ve always been a huge believer in the K.I.S.S. philosophy, i.e. Keep It Simple Stupid.  It makes life so much smoother and easier.  So imagine my surprise when I ask a very simple question of the Farm Products Marketing Commission and thus far I have not received an answer – but it’s only been about two months.

So here’s the simple question – it seems procedural to me.  I have asked what the process is to file a formal complaint with the Farm Products Marketing Commission.  Is there a form that must be completed, is there a petition that must be circulated, etc?  Surely there’s a binder somewhere in the Farm Products Marketing Commission that covers this simple matter.  Or maybe the Farm Products Marketing Commission’s ‘complaint department’ is like ones I’ve seen in cartoons like the one below?

Maybe Farm Products has a few things to hide, like the Egg Farmers of Ontario?   I must say that my level of cynicism continues to rise as the days go by without an answer.  My taxpayer dollars to pay this organization should at least entitle me to a simple answer to a simple question.


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