The Yolk’s on EFO and Farm Products Marketing Commission

Consider the following quote from a document that is currently in the hands of the Ontario Farm Products Marketing Commission:  “I have analysed the data from the grading of eggs at Grading Station X and estimate that over $150,000,000 worth of cracked eggs have been illegally sold to consumers across Canada.”

That’s a LOT of eggs!  Takes the slogan of EFO – ‘Get Crackin!’ to a whole new level!

As a former egg producer, this statement got my attention.  Got my attention since I have literally counted and recorded the flies in my chicken barn, regularly monitored the birds outside my barn to prevent bird diseases inside and kept disposable coveralls and booties in my barn to meet the famous EFO (Egg Farmers of Ontario) HAACP (Hazardous Analysis Critical Control Point) requirements.  And why did I have to do all that crap when egg grading stations are allowed to sell cracked eggs in the first place?  And where is the EFO during this practice?  And the Farm Products Marketing Commission?  Aren’t they supposed to be monitoring and protecting the public interest in this industry?

As a consumer, the statement makes me angry since I know that I pay a high price for Grade A eggs (thanks to supply management) and may have received cracked or dirty eggs instead.  As a consumer, isn’t the Canadian supply management system supposed to protect me from an action such as the one described in this document?    Does this action fulfill the EFO mandate of providing safe, high-quality eggs at the most reasonable price possible?  No it does not.

I realize there’s current legal action pending within the egg industry but it’s time the Ontario Farm Products Marketing Commission quit hiding behind the legal action and launch an internal investigation of this practice immediately.  As the Canadian judicial system trudges along, at a snail’s pace, the potential health of Canadians is being jeopardized  by Canadian Farm Products lack of action.  But I forgot, I’m talking about an organization who can’t even tell me how I file a complaint with their organization.   What a joke – and funded by taxpayer dollars.


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