Fact or Frivolous?

I’m still waiting.  Close to three months now – and who says I’m not patient?  I’ve been waiting on Ontario Farm Products Marketing Commission to tell me how to file a complaint with their office.  Granted, I’m sure they’ve got their hands full.  Hands full of the same document that I’ve been reading.  A document written/compiled by a former contractor of L.H.Gray and Sons (now known as Gray Ridge Eggs Inc.), an egg grading station in Strathroy and Listowel.  This document has become my late-night read – better than most espionage novels I’ve read but I’m afraid that there might not be a happy ending for the main characters.  I’d like to share a few of the ‘juicy’ parts – there’s so many.  Here’s a couple of my favourites:

–        Email between  Gray Ridge Eggs, VP/Sales & Marketing, Mike Walsh and President of Gray Ridge Eggs, Bill Gray:

“In my mind something this sensitive should be controlled by the decision makers.  You and Aaron on the process side.  You and Aaron can decide if others need to be involved.  However, Aaron will need to understand David, is not to be involved.  I do not need to remind you that what we are discussing is illegal.  Therefore, too many folks involved could be dangerous. “

–        Emails between Bill Gray and Gray Ridge Eggs Inc. VP of Operation, Scott Brookshaw

“Scott:  I was talking to Meb & he re-grades the loose (eggs) from the U.S. into Canadian cartons.  If we require more than 2 loads per week, we could do the same.  I don’t like the inv. Levels at both plants.  Bill”

“Meb can’t legally do that unless you have a USDA symbol on the carton.  If we have a carton with a USDA symbol then we can do that.  Scott”

“He said CFIA (Canadian Food Inspection Agency) will allow it this year only.  I assume he is re-grading in the off hours.  Bill”


Sounds like illegal activity to me.  The writers of the emails know it too – they state it in the email.  These are just two of the examples that make me proud to have been an Ontario egg producer.  I guess the marketing campaign of “Who made your eggs today?” can be answered with, “probably some subsidized American egg farmer or maybe a manipulative Canadian egg grader”.    So why does Canada support supply management again?  And Gray Ridge and EFO say all of this is frivolous.  I hate to think what they think is important.


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