Playing Hide ‘n’ Seek at EFO

I’m still waiting for my friends at the Farm Products Marketing Commission to answer my question regarding the process that is required to file a complaint with them.  In the meantime, I continue to read the document, compiled by Norman Bourdeau that is in the egg regulatory hands and continue to be amazed at its contents.   Here’s another sample of a quote from this document.  It is an email from Scott Brookshaw, Vice President of Operations of Gray Ridge Eggs, to President of Gray Ridge Eggs, Bill Gray.  The email refers to the General Manager of Egg Farmers of Ontario, Harry Pelissero.

Scott writes to Bill:  “When I met Harry today he will give $1000 per week and tell me how to invoice the Egg Board (Egg Farmers of Ontario – EFO).  Based on a 65000 pound load that gives 1.54 cents per pound.  The extra transportation cost is 1.5 cents per pound so the money we will get for breaking the 65000 pounds of egg white for drying will be a bonus.  We can start with a load next week.  Harry will only pay for one load as he is going to try and hide this.  Wants us to keep quiet.  Scott.”

As a former egg producer, I don’t understand why the General Manager should be telling an egg grading station ‘how’ to invoice the Egg Board (really the Egg Farmers of Ontario) for anything, unless there is something that is being ‘disguised’ or hidden.  And obviously, hiding is the objective as stated in Scott Brookshaw’s email.  Based on my experience and the many attempts that I have made to illustrate the transparency of the Egg Board (really the lack thereof!), it’s not hard to hide whatever Harry Pelissero wants to hide.  Up to now, he’s been quite successful, and has the support of the Board of Directors of EFO to help with the hiding.  But he may have to dig a little deeper into his bag of tricks to keep things hidden in the future.



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2 responses to “Playing Hide ‘n’ Seek at EFO

  1. Can you please forward me a copy of what you received from Norman Bourdeau?

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