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The Winners and Losers of Egg Industry Battles

The egg industry battles continue.  Keeping score is becoming very complicated.  The whistleblower, Norman Bourdeau was successful in one courtroom over contempt of court charges, but unsuccessful in another.  The most recent appeal, filed by the whistleblower, alleging numerous errors in the decision as well as alleged conflict of interest on the part of the presiding judge, was filed last week.

One of the many soldiers in this battle is the egg producers.  The costs just keep adding up for them because all of these court actions involve EFO (Egg Farmers of Ontario).  The EFO lawyer is present for each of these hearings and undoubtedly spending time outside the hearings, protecting the interests of EFO.  Have the levies gone up to cover these additional costs?  EFO General Manager Harry Pelissero stated that these battles wouldn’t cost the EFO anything.  Duh?  Are you living in la-la land?  I’m sure there will be plenty of places in the financial statements where these costs will hide.  And will there be an egg producer who even asks?

Another question – who’s paying for Harry Pelissero’s defense?  Harry is a direct party to these actions according to the court documents – not just as a representative of EFO.  Are the egg producers footing the bill to defend Harry too?  There will have to be a whole lot of creative accounting to find spots to hide all these costs.

Still another question which any logical person already has the answer to  – can the EFO lawyer represent EFO and Harry Pelissero without a conflict of interest.  The best interest of EFO is not necessarily the best interest of Harry Pelissero.    Remember, EFO had the opportunity to be out of this whole legal exercise but that opportunity was not accepted.  Hindsight? – better than 20/20.  The award-winning marketing campaign for EFO asks the following question:  “Who made your eggs today?”   I think a very appropriate question for EFO is:  “How many legal battles are you paying for today?” And passing on to the consumer?


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