Gratitude Not Required

A few weeks ago, I had a small fender-bender while in a New York City parking garage.  My big ol’ farm truck wasn’t damaged but there was some damage done to a rather new-looking car with New York license plates.   The incident occurred during the pre-workday hours and so there weren’t many people around to witness the incident.  When the collision occurred, I didn’t really know what to do.  There were no parking garage employees to report the incident to and it was suggested by a passenger of mine to just leave.  That option did not enter my mind prior to the verbal suggestion.  I knew I was responsible for the incident – I just didn’t know how to make contact with the owner of the rather new-looking New York car.  So I left a note – a note that included an apology for the incident, my name, address and home phone number (no cell phone for ancient me!).  And I waited.  Unfortunately we had a postal strike in Ontario and therefore contact was delayed, taking nearly a month.  Turns out that the car was a rental car and the contact was made by the rental car company, rather than the driver of the car.  Through normal processes, the repairs were covered and all parties were satisfied.  Shortly afterwards, I received a lovely thank-you card from the New York driver of the car.  He wanted to thank me for being responsible.  Has our society come to that?  Don’t get me wrong – I certainly appreciated the thoughtfulness of the New Yorker – especially from a New Yorker!  But I don’t think that I, or anyone else, should be thanked for being responsible.  It should be a natural and automatic action.

So let’s apply this situation to the current legal battles in the egg industry.   The Whistleblower, Norman Bourdreau, alleges that L.H. Gray and Egg Farmers of Ontario (EFO) representatives did some ‘things’ wrong.  Some of these allegations trickle down to jeopardizing the health welfare of egg consumers and unfairly affecting egg prices.  This is big stuff – not just a little fender-bender!  The responsible party needs to pay up – and clean up.   The system needs to be corrected so this ‘accident’ is less likely to occur.  Hopefully the sealing of the documents by the presiding judge will not alleviate responsibility.  As a sidebar – I don’t understand the sealing – consumers should know that this alleged activity is occurring.  But what do I know – I’m just a retired egg farmer.  I don’t imagine that anyone will be sending any thank-you notes anytime soon.  And a ‘You’re Welcome’ is a long way off too!


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