And the Survey Says……

For the last six months, I’ve been focusing my attention on the turmoil that is bubbling in the egg industry.  Anyone that follows the blog knows that I am passionate about this issue – passionate enough that I’m confused by the fact that the average consumer doesn’t get fired up about this issue.  So while dazed and confused, I decided to conduct my own informal ‘survey’ of the average consumer.   During a recent trip to Saskatchewan and Alberta, I polled about 30 people – in Ontario, Saskatchewan and Alberta – asking about their knowledge of supply management, awareness of egg prices, and profits made by egg producers.  Guess what I discovered.  None – not one – of these thirty people understood supply management.  They all knew what egg prices are – and 22 out of 30 thought that the egg price was too high.  And when they found out the profit that is earned by producers, they were stunned – and they were fired up – FINALLY!  Imagine if I had told them about the alleged antics of one or more of the Ontario grading stations?

I realize that my ‘survey’ was far from scientific but even as simple as it was, it demonstrated that the average consumer doesn’t understand supply management – and if they did, they wouldn’t tolerate what’s currently happening in that industry.   So when Harry Pelissero, the General Manager of the Egg Farmers of Ontario instructs the Ontario Egg Farmers that they need to tell their ‘story’ to the average consumer, they really are telling a ‘story’ and not giving all the true facts of the egg industry.  More aptly stated, the Egg Farmers of Ontario aren’t being transparent.  Wonder where they learned that?  And who lets it continue?  CFIA?  Ontario Farm Products?  Egg Producers?  Consumers?  Politicians?  Maybe it’s a combination but better keep going with the brainwashing or the end to the Wheat Board may only be the beginning.




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