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Reinventing the Wheel – Again!

It’s nearly election time in Ontario.  I’ve been reviewing the party’s platforms and have been left unaffected.  The platforms state how much money they’re going to spend on what.  That translates to “Crap-spreading, crap-spreading and more crap-spreading” to me.  What I want to know is how are the parties going to make their policies and procedures more efficient, i.e. saving money for the taxpayer.  For instance, which one of the parties is going to take the corruption out of supply management?  There’s all kinds of ‘regulatory organizations’ that are supposed to police supply management but these organizations seem to be a part of the corruption, allowing EFO to remain closed, even to their own producers.  And which party is going to reduce administrative costs for agricultural programs?  I’ve been told that when politicians proudly state in a press conference that farmers are getting $2 million dollars to help with farming losses, that’s really not true.  A minimum of 40% of that figure goes to pay for the administration of those funds, usually contracted out to non-profits such as Canadian Agricultural Adaptation Council.  According to their own web site, the Canadian Agricultural Adaptation Council has a minimum of 13 paid staff members.  So the farmers really only get $1.2 million of that larger figure and the administrators get the rest.  I’m ready to start my own administrative non-profit – how about you?  And when the statistics report that political parties did SOOO much for farmers, they helped clerical workers and administrators almost as much.  I would imagine it’s the same for the other service areas like health, education, etc.  Imagine how much money would be saved if they became more efficient in the administration of these programs.  So if a politician wants my vote, they need to tell me how they intend to enforce their existing policies and programs instead of coming up with newer, more expensive programs.  How many times do they need to re-invent the wheel?   Making them more affordable and lasting longer might just be the answer.


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