Is Chicken Manure Good or Bad?

An Ontario egg producer shared the notice that is shown in the posting below.  (Letter from EFO – Is there More to Come?) What strikes me as different in this notice is that EFO does not see the current status of trade talks as ‘business as usual’.  In previous circumstances, EFO has merely told producers not to worry, write your MP and/or MPP and continue to produce eggs.  EFO didn’t do that this time.  They sent out the notice below which doesn’t really tell the WHOLE story.  I’ll follow up with that in future postings.  But what really got my attention is Mr. Pelissero’s obvious frustration/anger when he predicts what the federal government’s response to a potentially successful Pacific Rim trade agreement as “we tried our best, but in the best interest of the Canadian economy, we had no choice”.  Mr. Pelissero is a former politician.  One can only assume that he knows how these ‘things’ work so is he predicting the future?  Mr. Pelissero goes on and says that if this type of government response does occur, his response would be “CHICKEN MANURE!!!”  (As a side note, does Mr. Pelissero know all the agricultural benefits of chicken manure?  Does this mean that Mr. Pelissero thinks the talks are beneficial?)  Notice that Mr. Pelissero uses all capital letters, along with three exclamation marks – I did not add them.  He really must be frustrated – and scared maybe?  Is the writing on the wall?

I’ve read numerous recent articles about ‘getting rid of’ or ‘ending’ supply management.  That really doesn’t have to happen for Canada to be a part of the trade talks.  If market access increases and/or tariffs lowered, what will happen with quota values?  Will there still be a HUGE (note that I use all capitals because I do mean huge!) profit in the egg production business.  This huge profit is what makes the quota so valuable and thus so attractive.  Once the profit is reduced substantially, the value of quota will plummet.  Most likely the price of eggs will come down – all still with supply management in place – just with a new set of rules.  Rules that EFO hasn’t created.  I wonder how the EFO Board and management feel – having someone else in charge of their business?  I’m sure that egg producers are used to this feeling – as are Canadian consumers.  That’s just the way the EFO Board and management have been treating them for years.  Leaving them in the dark (without minutes and information) and making decisions anyway.  Since the Chair provided two sayings are true – here’s one that I think is true.  Hope I can remember it.  Karma’s a …….




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