A Defining Moment for Ontario Eggs

Looks like Egg Farmers of Ontario (EFO) think they’re Noah Webster, author of the Webster dictionary.  That’s right – they get to define the term ‘Ontario eggs’.  Seems rather self-explanatory to me but here’s the current definition:

‘Ontario eggs must be laid on egg farms in Ontario’

The EFO Director of Public Affairs is proposing the following new definition:

‘More than 90% of fresh shelled eggs must be sourced from Ontario egg farms.  Up to                         10% of fresh shelled eggs can be sourced from outside Ontario.’

Why is there a need for a new definition?  Though it’s not explained in the letter to Ontario egg producers (Surprise! Surprise!), could it have anything to do with the fact that changes in supply management are right around the corner?  Is someone reading between the lines as a result of Canada’s desire to participate in the Trans-Pacific Trade Talks?

Egg producers were notified of this proposal in a letter in early December.  Also included in this letter is a sentence telling egg producers where to send comments or feedback for this definition proposal.  I couldn’t believe my eyes!  I thought I was experiencing Aspartame overdose!  The management staff of EFO is actually ASKING the producers for feedback!  Wow!  Talk about a Christmas miracle!  Now the real question is whether the producers will actually ask questions about the need for a new definition and what it means for the industry.  Maybe it’s time to re-define EFO?


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