A Defining Moment – Redefined

My blog posting from yesterday (December 29/2011) has an error in it.  The letter regarding the proposed definition change for Ontario eggs was sent to graders, not producers.  At this point, I’m not sure if the letter went to all graders.  It would appear that only some of the graders received the notice.  Wonder how that works?  Regardless, I’m sorry for the error, but having the error pointed out begs even more questions.  What is the real role of EFO?  Does EFO staff work for the grading stations too?  Who pays EFO salaries?  Is it the graders or the producers?  What about the taxpayer-funded staff that are involved at Foodland Ontario?  How many people have to get paid to arrive at the definition of Ontario eggs?  Is that question like, ‘How many people does it take to screw in a light bulb?’

Based on my knowledge of the egg industry and after having reviewed the Foodland Ontario website, it would appear that there are eggs being marketed under the Foodland Ontario logo that don’t meet the current definition.  Can anyone say fraud?  So now that the current egg industry lawsuit has EFO and the graders front and centre, maybe it’s time for them to protect their back sides.  That would explain this sudden interest in the definition of ‘Ontario eggs’.  Wonder what the new Ontario Agriculture Minister has to say about all this?  I’ve got nothing but time – guess it’s letter-writing time.  Where’s my roll of stamps?


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