Middleage Milestone


August was a milestone month for me – turned 50 and finished the draft manuscript for a book that I’ve been writing.  Now what?  Well, the aging process goes on and I’ve set the goal of avoiding prescription medications as long as I can, therefore I continue my training for another half-marathon in October.  Do I like it?  Some days.  I gave up on the outward effects of aging, i.e. wrinkles, gray hair, varicose veins, etc.  So I watch that the veins don’t get too bad, celebrate the gray hair and overlook the wrinkles which is so much easier since vision deteriorates with age.  It’s a good thing. 

But what about the book?  It’s not a long, epic novel or anything but certainly was more of a challenge than I had anticipated.  It’s about homeschooling – or so I thought?  I had originally thought that my ‘market’ were people who were considering homeschooling but weren’t religious zealots.  When I was going through the decision-making process, trying to decide whether to homeschool or not, there weren’t a lot of ‘how-to’ books that didn’t focus on the aspect of religion as the core reason for the decision.  That didn’t really fit my situation – but I read several of ‘those’ type of books nonetheless.  The one book that did inspire and help me was written by David and Micki Colfax – Homeschooling for Excellence

Anyway, I provided several folks with my draft manuscript, asking for feedback, asking them to keep in mind my ‘market’ of potential homeschoolers.  My first critique came from my most feared reader – my daughter whom I homeschooled!  Yikes!  I braced myself for the worst and then heaved a sigh of relief and smiled when she said, “It’s not what I thought it was going to be – it reads like fiction.”  Okay – I can live with that.  She went on to explain that she didn’t think that a potential homeschooler would appreciate having homeschooling compared to stripping and involving the ‘faking of an orgasm’.  So maybe I exaggerated a bit but it certainly makes for a more interesting read. 

I’ll continue to fine-tune the draft and then see if someone will publish it.  If there’s no interest, at least my kids will have a keepsake of their ‘growing-up’ years at the Snyder School of Higher Learning.  Who knows?  Maybe by the time that I turn 55, I’ll be published, have a brass pole installed in my bedroom and will have experienced Botox?  I’ll shoot for at least one of those three – you decide which one.    



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2 responses to “Middleage Milestone

  1. G Snyder

    happy belated 50th birhday! I must have missed the memo on the SWEET F A club website.It’s a bitch to get anybody to work in this club.I got to talk to the Captin.

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