TD Canada Trust Going to the Dogs


TD Canada Trust has sunk to a new low – if that’s possible.  In fact, they’re going to the dogs – literally.  TD Canada Trust is now spending my bank fee dollars on dog biscuits – at least in the Kemptville, Ontario branch.  In previous posts I have complained about having cookies, apples, coffee, etc. offered to me as a token of appreciation for my patronage.  Now they’re even trying to brainwash my dog into believing that they’re doing me a favour by giving us a treat.  What a joke!  Instead of providing me with this type of appreciation, just offer me a banking service with lower interest rates and stop dinging me with bank fees.  Now TD Canada Trust is treating dogs better than they’re treating me.  Instead of making banking ‘comfortable’, why not make it more affordable?  Wouldn’t that improve my economic status (as well as the economic status of the country in general?) instead of elevating my blood sugar with a cookie – not to mention what it does to my blood pressure every time I see this practice!   If TD Canada Trust wants to keep their customers, they don’t need dog biscuits, cookies, apples, Ipods, live music in the branches, etc.  Just give me better banking service for less fees.  It’s not rocket science!  Trade in the green chair for common sense.   


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