Watch as Woolwich Competes for Hypocrisy Oscar Award


Can somebody tell me whether hell has frozen over?  That’s the only possible explanation for the planned public meeting in Woolwich Township to discuss the possibility of a casino in…..dare I say it?…. in Woolwich Township!  I hope that I can reserve a seat for the November 20th meeting and not just to hear my friends from the Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation.  I want to hear all the ridiculous claims from the so-called Christians and self-appointed Old Order Mennonite representatives.  You know the ones about this ‘type’ of establishment will only provide prostitutes with a new location for their business.  And don’t forget the one about our young people being exposed to the ills of gaming and alcohol – as if they’re not exposed to that at our public schools and the Internet already.  Someone should be selling popcorn at this one because there’s no better entertainment anywhere. 

At least this time I’ll get to watch a new set of municipal councilors as they consider accepting a gaming facility in a location (Breslau) that is at the backdoor of where their colleagues turned one down just over ten years ago.  Wow!  Hollywood just can’t make ‘em better than this.

But it will be good to see my old friends from OLG again.  Those honest, upstanding folks that at a meeting ten to twelve years ago, ordered me to put down my ink pen because they didn’t want any record kept of the meeting involving the revenue split between the municipality and OLG.  Gotta love that kind of accountability, eh? 

Well, look on the bright side.  So far congratulations are in order for Woolwich Township as they were successful in driving out of their township, a 140+ year-old not-for-profit organization that supported agriculture (Be sure to check out the Township of Woolwich web site as it boasts of the rural heritage and agricultural “fields and farms” of the Township of Woolwich), and is considering getting into bed with an organization that is all-controlling and powerful and has no accountability.  Hope Woolwich is ready to lay there and love it.  See you on the 20th.  I’ll bring my own Diet Coke.  Nothing goes better with Diet Coke than Woolwich hypocrisy. 



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