Look At All the Facts Woolwich/Waterloo – Not Just the Convenient Ones


I read with great interest, Luisa D’Amato’s article entitled “Casinos Create More Problems Than They Solve (http://www.therecord.com/opinion/columns/article/856887–d-amato-casinos-create-more-problems-than-they-solve).  I agree with her article on most of the points but one very large fact that she neglects to point out (and of course the folks who are spearheading the ‘no’ movement aren’t going to point it out) but is factual and needs to be considered when the councilors are deciding as to whether Woolwich/Region of Waterloo should have a casino.  Here’s the very LARGE fact – if the casino doesn’t go in Waterloo Region/Woolwich, it’s going to be built somewhere within that 80 km radius (quite possibly Centre Wellington Township – which is less than 7 kilometers outside Woolwich) and so those problem gamblers and other social ills described by the Health Unit are going to be here anyway – at least the additional 73 kilometer radius-full of them – and that’s nearly ALL of Waterloo Region, by the way!   Did you hear me?  They are going to be here ANYWAY!  The problems are going to be here anyway, so why not have the revenue that goes along with it too?  Is that rocket science?  I don’t think so.

OLG is not going to let this huge K-W consumer market go unserviced and without a casino.  And if you think that’s what the decision is, you’re ignorant.  The survey being conducted by Woolwich doesn’t point this large fact out.  The opponents of the casino don’t point that out.  Don’t be stupid and think by saying ‘no’ to a Woolwich/Waterloo casino is going to keep our community with a lower amount of problem gamblers.  It won’t.  It will only mean that Woolwich/Waterloo has less revenue for which to help those problem gamblers.  Get your heads out of the sand (or wherever else it might be) and look at the facts – ALL OF THEM!


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