K-W Doesn’t Want Dirty Money – Okay With Woolwich Wash


Woolwich Township will soon announce whether or not they’re willing to spin the wheel and take on OLG’s request to host a casino.  Wilmot Township just rolled the dice and crapped out, Cambridge said ‘no thanks’ and Kitchener and Waterloo aren’t brave enough to even consider the idea, however, they certainly want to make sure that they get some benefit – meaning a cut of the cash! – if Woolwich says “yes, thank you”.  What a bunch of money-grubbing cowards the leaders of Waterloo and Kitchener are!  They don’t want that dirty money going directly into the wallets of their fair city but they won’t hesitate to get into Woolwich’s wallet to grab a few bucks if they say ‘yes’.  They say that costs to the Region will go up as a result of a casino in that location, i.e. policing, etc.  Statistics show that policing costs do not go up significantly at slots and casinos – so that’s crap!  And won’t the Region get a substantial amount of property tax dollars as a result of this facility?  Yes, that’s right.  At a minimum, Woolwich deserves credit for at least putting their neck out to examine this issue again.  Granted it’s a whole different set of municipal councilors this time.  The last bunch included a councilor that thought being dishonest was different than lying!  I kid you not!  Hopefully this new set of councilors knows that there is no difference – but taking on a casino in the township will make a difference.

OLG is going to ensure that this area is serviced.  There are way too many people in this area to ignore all those dollars.  And if the proposed location is at the south end of Woolwich Township – down along Highway 7 – most folks attending the facility won’t even know that they’re in Woolwich Township.  The Mennonite culture wouldn’t be harmed – Mennonites stay away from that busy Highway 7 area.  The marketing image of St. Jacobs, one of rural, country Mennonites won’t be tarnished either.  The distance between St. Jacobs and Shantz Station is over 20 km.   That’s a helluva lot further than the distance from Woolwich Township to Grand River Raceway in Elora.  Seize the opportunity Woolwich. A facility is going to be built somewhere nearby so the ‘negatives’ that accompany gaming that the opponents are using as their arguments are going to exist regardless and Woolwich is going to be expected to pick up a portion of that tab.  Opponents say they’re willing to pay higher municipal taxes if Woolwich says no to this opportunity.  I’m not.  In fact the spokesperson for the opposition at the recent Woolwich Township stands to lose a great deal if a facility is built at this new site.  This new site might even have a hotel – a hotel that competes with the St. Jacobs hotel with which the spokesperson is affiliated.  Cough, cough – conflict of interest – cough, cough?  Or maybe this new site will be a new destination site for Woolwich?  Can’t Woolwich have more than one?  I think they can. 



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2 responses to “K-W Doesn’t Want Dirty Money – Okay With Woolwich Wash

  1. george

    is there any studies done with the effect the Elora raceway and slots has left on that comunity? I still don’t know where to call for a hooker and can only loose my hard earned money at the neibours card tournements.SFA

    • hoosierincanada

      I’ll try to have some appropriate ‘numbers’ on the euchre scorecards next time. I always want my friends to feel they got their money’s worth. Do you prefer blondes, brunettes, or redheads?

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