The Weak Link of Woolwich – Weally?


I just read Luisa D’Amato’s article (–d-amato-fighting-for-a-casino-few-want).  It’s no secret that I disagree with her position on this issue but I find it amazing that she includes the following line in this article and it is the primary argument of mine:


If a casino is coming anyway, maybe it should be in Kitchener or Waterloo instead, the thinking goes.


So my question to Luisa is:  Why didn’t you provide an argument against the above statement in your article?  The rest of your article criticizes Kitchener, Waterloo and Woolwich for their role and decision in this matter.  But the fact still remains – THIS AREA OF ONTARIO IS GOING TO BE SERVICED BY OLG!  There are just way too many people here to ignore it.  Luisa, please write an article that argues against the above way of thinking.  How can any of these cities/township not consider the casino if the alternative location is in the south end of Elora?  Quit criticizing these elected officials for doing what they had to do and start providing them with a LOGICAL argument against the above-stated reasoning.  Help the elected officials turn down the casino, using logic.  I’ve yet to hear anyone argue logically against the above statement and obviously Luisa can’t either.  I’ll keep waiting for your article honey!  Provide your wisdom and experience to all of the ‘weak links’ out in Kitchener, Waterloo and Woolwich. We’re just so lucky to have you, Luisa, to point out weaknesses and provide the strength needed in this decision.  Gag me.  



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