Vegetable Bread? Really? Come on Dempster’s!


As I’m currently enjoying some rest and relaxation in a different locale, I’ve been watching some television and noticed a recent commercial for Dempster’s Vegetable Bread.  The bragging rights for this bread is “a half serving of vegetables in every two slices”.  Really?  So to get ONE daily serving of vegetables (Canada’s Food Guide suggests that adults get between 7 and 10 servings of fruits and vegetables daily), one would have to eat FOUR slices.  My quick math, if I haven’t consumed too much alcohol while resting and relaxing, tells me that I would have to eat 28 to 40 slices of bread in a day to get my required amount of vegetables.  Come on Dempster’s!  Dempster’s bread has so many other nutritional qualities that surely insulting the intelligence of the folks that eat your products isn’t the way to sell more bread. 


To add additional insult to your potential consumers, the commercial shows two thin models – one of them eating a sandwich, supposedly made with Dempster’s Vegetable bread.  The one model says in shock to the other, “You’re eating a sandwich!”  The statement is made as if the devil himself made the bread and bargained away the model’s first-born child in order to eat the sandwich.  The response, said in complete defense-mode, “ Yes!  It’s made with Dempster’s Vegetable bread.”  Translation:  Even I can eat bread if it’s made with vegetables.  Well eat up baby, ‘cause you’re gonna have to eat at least 28 slices to get the vegetables you need.  I haven’t checked but maybe Dempster’s owns a portion of the Ex-Lax corporation and they are planning a cross promotion.  That would be rather handy as eating all that bread would require some of that chocolate magic to get that bread blockage moving.  Maybe putting lettuce, onions, spinach, peppers, etc. on the sandwich would be a better idea?  Duh!   You can do better Dempster’s.    Maybe it’s time for a new marketing group?  Time to refill my glass. 










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7 responses to “Vegetable Bread? Really? Come on Dempster’s!

  1. Heather

    I completely agree. This commercial is disgusting in every way, and makes me want to boycott Dempster’s completely.

    • hoosierincanada

      Thanks Heather. I’ll probably not boycott yet but if this kind of marketing/promotion continues, I’ll certainly consider it.

  2. I believe she says, “Are you eating a samwich?” “A samwich!” The camera isn’t on her the first time she says it and she’s turned away on the second line. They probably spent forever trying to film her saying it properly and then said, “Aw forget it! Here’s what we’ll do so no one knows… ” I clearly hear an “M” where there should be a “ND”!

  3. Eve

    Thank you. I hate this commercial for all the same reasons.
    Worst line ever: “Like, VEGETABLE vegetables?!?”
    I mean, why not just eat real vegetables? This commercial is aimed at morons.

  4. Cynthia

    Some people just like to see conspiracy theories everywhere. The woman’s tone wasn’t defensive at all. And it’s not like Dempster’s expects you to get all of your vegetable servings from bread alone. Trust Americans and their junk food diet minds to fail to see the obvious.

    • hoosierincanada

      Hey Cynthia – thanks for your post. I don’t really think that this is a ‘conspiracy theory’ as much as poor marketing – especially for Dempster’s which usually promotes their products with their high quality attributes, rather than trying to say that this bread, when eaten in double slice quantities, provides a mere half serving of vegetables. This isn’t Dempster’s normal mode of operation for marketing. Other readers feel the same. Thanks for taking the time to comment.

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