Snyderdale Farms

A View of Snyderdale FarmsThe Snyder version of the North American Free Trade Agreement
In 1985, Peter Snyder and I formed two partnerships – one involving matrimony and one involving tractors, 80 acres of farmland, 33 acres of bush and an old farmhouse. Over the next seven years, much activity occurred including the birth of two children, a boy, Joseph and a girl, Lauren. I initially worked off the farm as an office manager at a manufacturing company in Kitchener, Ontario, and then later became the manager of the Upper Beechwood Subdivision in Waterloo, Ontario. Once the children arrived, Peter and I decided that it would be best for me to stay home to raise the children and as it turned out to educate them through our homeschooling efforts. In 1992, amid the projected horror stories of free trade and the turmoil surrounding the GATT discussions, we proceeded to purchase layer quota for 5000 layer hens. Even though there were many nay-sayers, the purchase of the layer quota benefited the partnership. So much so that I convinced Peter that it was time to purchase another farm. And then we found Snyderdale.

Snyderdale Farms is a family-owned farm corporation, established in the mid-1950’s by Paul and Floyd Snyder and three of their Snyder sisters. Believe it or not, they were not our relatives but it certainly was convenient that their last name was the same as ours. There was no need to change the corporation name at the time of our purchase in 1998. Snyderdale Farms consisted of two adjacent farms totaling 316 acres, each farm with a house, a bit of bush land, a large cattle barn, some smaller outbuildings and a few pieces of various equipment and tools. At the same time that Snyderdale Farms was purchased, our existing farm operation was merged with the assets of Snyderdale Farms.


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