Family Tales from Snyderdale Farms

joe_2.jpgphoto10.jpgMy children, Joseph, age 19 and Lauren, age 17 have both flown the coop and have left me to fend for myself as the ‘Egg Queen’ once again. Yes, I do have my trustworthy sidekick, Perfect Peter to drive all of the heavy equipment but adjusting to the ’empty-nest’ feeling of Snyderdale Farms has been quite a task. Just to be able to write these first two sentences without tears streaming down my face has been quite a feat! The relationship that I have with Joseph and Lauren is definitely unique as we were a home-schooling family. I was used to hearing the pitter-patter of their little feet grow into the loud bang-bang-bang of the teens stomping up the stairways at both ends of the house. Both of the children are music lovers and not necessarily the same kinds of music therefore I have been exposed to all kinds of music but all of it at one volume level – LOUD! The walls of the century-old farm house were being tested continuously. Obviously as the kids are both teenagers, Perfect Peter and I are far from perfect and relatively ignorant in all aspects of life – at least according to Joseph and Lauren. One would think that I would be ecstatic that the kids were finally leaving the farm and I would be looking forward to the peace and quiet and the knowledge that I’m not really as stupid as they thought I was. One and all would be dead wrong. I am adjusting because I really don’t have a choice. I am thrilled that both the kids have the desire and the ability to go out and exercise their need for independence. Frankly, I would have thought that someone gave me the wrong kids from the hospital if they didn’t show this type of behaviour. I simply miss them and look forward to the emails, MSN messages and phone calls. Hearing the excitement in their voices tells me that they are on the right path. I just hope they take me along with them on their journey from time to time. Who knows – maybe Joseph and Lauren will think that I’ve even gotten a little smarter on my journey.


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