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Looking for Cracks at EFO – Finally!


I saw the agricultural heavens open and heard the chicken angels clucking a chorus of “Hallelujah Bock Bock!” when I was informed the Ontario Farm Products Marketing Commission is going to investigate the operations of EFO.  Will miracles never cease?  Maybe Geri Kamenz will earn his six-figure salary when checking out Harry Pelissero and the boys and girls of the EFO Board of Directors – both past and present hopefully. 

So does this mean that there was merit in those “unbelievable” emails between egg-gradier L.H. Gray and Son and EFO?  (Remember those emails?  Check them out here:  http://agri007.blogspot.ca/2012/12/heres-scoop_7234.html).  Is the EFO Board of Directors still standing behind its general manager and its policies and procedures?  At the end of the investigation, how far behind the general manager will the Board be standing?   I imagine there could be quite a distance of separation once the chicken poo starts to hit the fan.   Maybe all those documents in the egg industry lawsuit are real and indicate collusion and numerous other problems with EFO?  Or does it mean that finally, finally, finally somebody is listening and taking steps to make EFO accountable?   In case it would help EFO, I would be willing to keep minutes of their meetings.  Sure hope Harry calls soon.     



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So Easy to Spend A Million Bucks


Jim Romahn thinks Harry Pelissero and the Egg Farmers of Ontario are in a hurry to start a new process for quota sales and purchases (April 23, 2013 post – http://agri007.blogspot.ca).  Seems Harry and the Board is in a hurry to spend the egg producer’s money too.  Must be burning a hole in their pocket or there’s an awful lot of women on that Board?  This time it is $1 million towards clinical drug trials for an antidepressant.  Technically the expenditure doesn’t even fall into the EFO mandate or mission since the trials are slated to use fertilized eggs – which aren’t a part of EFO’s oversight. 


I would bet that the decision to fund these trials didn’t even warrant much of an explanation to the producers.  My guess is that the producers were merely told that this is what’s happening.  Got questions about it?  Too bad.  Did anyone ask about liability?  Sure hope EFO can’t be associated with future lawsuits from the use of this antidepressant, if and/or when it’s approved for use.  But did anyone even ask?  Doubt it.  Check out a recent Maclean’s article if you think it can’t happen.  (http://www2.macleans.ca/2013/04/20/theres-a-pill-for-that/).  How about getting an outside, independent opinion about the trials?  Was that considered?  Who would know, since minutes aren’t available?


And where did this $1 million dollars come from?  It came from the pockets of the producers.  How’d that feel producers?  Does the phrase ‘lay there and love it’ mean anything to you?  Maybe the egg producers are all wealthy enough that $1 million is just a drop in the bucket for them?


Is the Farm Products Commission watching this unfold?  Is this what EFO was set up to do?  I don’t think so.     


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